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DCfabric V3.0 (“Zhou” ) Released at ONS 2016 and Open for Downloading! 2016/3/16 0:18:58

We are proudly to announce that the "Zhou" version has been released at ONS 2016 and can be downloaded freely from the github now. 

In the newest "Zhou" version, DCFabric can support all the Neurtron network APIs of OpenStack, including NAT, Floating IP, Firewall, Security Group, Load Balancing, and so on. Therefore, DCFabric is ready to help you build the efficient network in cloud computing. 

SDN can provide huge flexibility in networking for OpenStack. The limit efficiency of SDN Controllers in constructing paths and the small supported number of flow entries (about xK) by the commercial switches are the two main challenges. Therefore, current SDN solutions adopts the overlay network architecture by building tunnels upon the traditional underlying networks, resulting in tremendous costs in encapsulation and decapsulation. DCFabric can solve the above two challenges by innovative flow aggregations and flow installing patterns. Hence, they can build an efficient flexible network on the total physical commercial OpenFlow switches for OpenStack. The high improvement in network throughputs will be presented and compared with the tunneling solutions.

We are very pleased to make the new version announcement at ONS 2016 and have the opportunity to introduce our open source controller to the society.