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3000 Switches Can be Supported by the Latest Version of DCFabric 2017/5/23 11:14:08

After a lot of optimization efforts in memory and TCP connections managements, the latest version of DCFabric, name as "Qin" and will be online soon, can support 3000 switches with one instance.


At the previous versions of DCFabric, we adopt the SELECT I/O multiplexing mechanism, which can only support 1024 switches at the most. Although such a number of switches is sufficient at the most of the OpenStack environments, we believe that a larger number of switches is necessary when DCFabric is used in some settings such as the public cloud, Docker, i.e. Therefore, in the Qin version of DCFabric, we shift to the EPOLL I/O multiplexing mechanism, which can support a much larger number of TCP connections of switches. Here, we will give a brief report of the testing of 3000 switches. The 3000 switches are created using 10 mininets, each of which contains 300 switches and 600 hosts.

The 3000 Switches

The Topology of the 3000 Switches

The Pingall Testing of a Mininet