COMMUNITY -- Boards & Councils

    There are several boards & Councils in DCFabric community for promoting community stability and healthy development. Communities have been principled meritocracy, and everyone can contribute to a force to the community, but the community does not force the members of the how to do, it will only encourage members of the how to do, only that incentives in order to promote this prosperous community, which is to be an effective support mechanism for all lovers of DCFabric.

Expert Committee

      Experts Committee consists of influential industry experts, whose main responsibilities are to provide strategic advice for  the development of DCFabric controller,  and support for industrial applications of DCFabric.

Community Board

    Community Board is designed to help communities develop properly, the Community Board currently consists of eight members, recommended by the original members of the unit produced four of them, and the remaining four members of the community generated by the election, in order to achieve community decentralization. Community Board management is community members. At committee meetings, for those to the community to make a significant and enduring contributor’s parliamentary commission gives them the following benefits: get an sdn863.org.cn email address; privileged to be pushed to your blog post Community Planet; free subscription to a popular news source based SDN; other features.

Functional Committees

    Functional committees are actually three separate groups: NBI, the controller core and a controller key services. Community Board will continue to guide functional work of the Committee members shall be appointed for two years, when the expiration of the term of office of members, also need to nominate candidates for new members, ex-officio members, if not willing to dry, can also apply to resign in advance. Functional Committees tend to take credit from the tour, but it ignores the contribution of the developer community, therefore, need to set up a "developer member of the committee", their duty is to SDN community developers apply for more rights, inspire developers potential, when a candidate can prove that he has qualified for a job in the art, and is trusted, then they can get the appropriate privileges, with "SDN Community Developer" aura can automatically "SDN 863 member" title. This means that as long as the community has contributed, will be recognized, and everyone can join the ranks of the contributors go. If you are not a developer, you can also engage in technical translation and community support. The initial members of the staff, although there are wages, but they are in the community did not have any special privileges, they still need to apply to community councils, community councils and other after investigation, confirmed that indeed has made many contributions to the community, they will be granted more privileges.

Member Board

    The initial members of the community have decided to set up a unit dedicated team responsible for handling matters related to the community, this dedicated team to further clarify the various members of the unit on the community support and attention, they will inevitably become the linking roals in the entire SDN community circle.