COMMUNITY -- Members


Our highest level of membership is the Partner designation. The following partners are some of the most well-known and respected corporations in the world. They are leaders in the communications industry. We are grateful for their generosity.

China Telecom Global Limited (“CTG”) is the wholly owned international business subsidiary of China Telecom, one of the world’s largest providers of integrated telecommunication services. China Telecom has a long-standing commitment to the development of our global operations and capabilities in order to establish a leading position in the international telecommunication market. In November 2000, China Telecom took the first step to realize that commitment by establishing a representative office in America. Over the next decade, China Telecom’s international footprint grew rapidly with the establishment of its three overseas subsidiaries - China Telecom Hong Kong Limited, China Telecom Americas Corporation and China Telecom (Europe) Limited. We have also forged an extensive global network by building over 47 overseas POP nodes in 36 countries connected to the rest of the world via high-speed terrestrial links and submarine cables, with over total international transmission capacity of 2900G.

Driven by our determination to serve the ever growing international telecommunication demands of our valued partners and customers, China Telecom Global Limited (“CTG”) was formed in 2012. Headquartered in Hong Kong and leveraging China Telecom’s tremendous resources within mainland China, CTG’s global network platform spans Asia, Americas and the Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) region, offering world-class integrated communication services to multinational businesses, telecommunication service providers and overseas Chinese consumers around the world. In addition to owning and operating extensive international terrestrial and submarine cable infrastructures, we also work seamlessly with an elite group of strategic partners to guarantee worldwide accessibility and top-class service capabilities. Our comprehensive portfolio of Data, IP, Voice, Internet Data Centre and ICT solutions, backed by superior customer service, delivers industry-leading resilience, speed, and diversity to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers, which include many Fortune Global 500 companies. CTG currently has subsidiaries and offices in 26 countries and regions around the world.