COMMUNITY -- Members


Our highest level of membership is the Partner designation. The following partners are some of the most well-known and respected corporations in the world. They are leaders in the communications industry. We are grateful for their generosity.

GreeNet focuses on high performance network solutions on Intel Architecture for carriers, like China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. The products cover SDN(both controller and virtual switch), NFV(BRAS), DPI, Big data and IPv6. The high performance data processing platform GNcube can handle 60G real network traffic within a standard x86 server.

GreeNet have three product lines, the first one is NISP, the deep packet inspection and big data analysis platform, which can handle 30Gbps internet traffic with each x86 server for data mining and traffic control (in-line deployment required); the second one is IPv6 Gateway, the carrier grade IPv6 migration solution, which can support most of the IPv6 methods; the third one is our SDN and NFV, the high performance SDN controller can handle 10M flow/s, and the enhanced soft switch which can handle VxLAN and L7 QoS. Never the less, the MSE, multi service edge, which can replace the traditional BAS for a campus network with 50k users.

GreeNet has the full intellectual property of it products.