DCfabric V2.0 (“Shang” ) released and open for downloading! 2015/11/12 10:54:49

We are very glad to announce that the “Shang” version of DCFabirc is released and open for downloading! The “Shang” version of DCFabirc can work seamlessly with the OpenStack platform. Currently, it can support multi-tenant, NAT and Floating IPs.

The above picture illustrates the network architecture of OpenStack based on DCFabric controller, whose main characteristic is the underlay framework based on the physical OpenFlow switches. On the contrary, most of the existing networks of OpenStack adopt the overlay frameworks based on the layer2 tunnel technologies such as VxLan or GRE. Another advantage of DCFabric is the proposed SFabric algorithm, which highly reduces the number of routing rules and the interactions between the Controller and switches since the paths are constructed on switch level and most of the rules are installed in advance. More importantly, the constraint introduced by the largest number (about several thousands) of supported flow entries of current commercial switches can be broken. Please refer to the white paper of DCFabric for the details. The experimental results show that, compared to the VxLan based network, the network performance can be highly improved, both in the East-West and North-South network communications.