DCFabric v1.0 Released,and now is open for downloading! 2015/11/11 16:28:50

In order to promote the process of industrial application of the SDN technology as soon as possible, under the auspices of the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) "Key Technology Research and Demonstration of Software-Defined Networks (SDN)" and the Shanghai Alliance of SDN Industrial Technology and Innovation Strategic, in collaboration with the industry-leading companies such as Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Broadband Techonlogies & Applications, Wuhan GreeNet Information Service Co., Ltd., China Telecom, we designed and developed DCFabric: the first open source SDN controller focused on cloud computing data centers(http://www.sdn863.org.cn/). Now, the first version of DCFabirc is released and open for downloading.

Your can download the binary executable file from here. And for the source code, please follow the instructions in our website. Note that, you have to aggree to the GPL licience and tell us your github username.