SOFTWARE -- Overview

Welcome to DCFabric!

In order to promote the process of industrial application of the SDN technology as soon as possible, under the auspices of the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) "Key Technology Research and Demonstration of Software-Defined Networks (SDN)" and the Shanghai Alliance of SDN Industrial Technology and Innovation Strategic, in collaboration with the industry-leading companies such as Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Broadband Techonlogies & Applications, Wuhan GreeNet Information Service Co., Ltd., China Telecom, we designed and developed DCFabric: the first open source SDN controller focused on cloud computing data centers (http://www.sdn863.org.cn/).

Based on the efficient multi-threaded performance of C, DCFabric shows very high efficiency in network topology discovering,message/event handling, and OpenFlow table entries installing. And based on theanalysis of flow characteristics of cloud computing data centers, we innovative proposed SFabric technology based on intelligent flow installation in advanceand flow aggregation in switch level. SFabric can efficiently solve the main roadblocksin adopting SDN in a large data center network: size limit in flow tables, flowentry match efficiency, and bottleneck of efficiency in SDN controllers.

In general, DCFabirc can support larger Layer 2 networking (> 500switches), high efficient Layer 2 switching (more than 10 thousands hosts communicating simultaneously), fast initialization (500 switching node, startthe convergence time<30 seconds), HTML5-based powerful Web UI interface fornetwork topology and traffic exhibition, and Northbound Restful API interfacesupporting for efficient APP development.